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Peterman Forklift Trucks

The forklift is easily the most useful and versatile tool utilised throughout the construction industry, in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Its enormous adaptability means it can be employed to assist with a huge variety of loading tasks, especially where the goods you're loading are too heavy or awkward for manual labour to be effective. The aid of a forklift improves your businesses rate of production and overall efficiency, but it is a large expenditure so when you purchase or rent a forklift we understand you want to ensure its not only of excellent quality, but also reliable and suitable for the tasks you want to complete.

Here at Peterman Engineering we have been supplying high quality forklift trucks, and providing a forklift maintenance and repairs service throughout Yorkshire and the Midlands since we began in 1968.

As an independent specialist forklift company, we ensure we source our exceptional range of forklift trucks, not by brand reputation but by standard of mechanical quality and the provision of excellent service. As a result we have established ourselves as the leading supplier of excellent quality forklifts at highly competitive prices, combined with outstanding customer service and professional workmanship.


Forklift Sales, Hire and Service

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