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Forklift Truck Driver Training

It is essential that as a responsible business owner you ensure all your staff have undergone the relevant forklift driver training in order to enable them to safely and legally drive your forklifts. Here at Peterman Engineering we bring fork lift driver training to your business premises and use your forklift trucks saving you the time and expense of sending your employees to a costly training centre.

The instructors here at Peterman Engineering have been providing forklift driver training in the UK for many years and are fully registered with The Independent Training Scheme and Register. At the end of all our courses we will supply your drivers with certificates accepted by the Health and Safety Executive to confirm they have received training from a leading authority.

Forklift Courses

We offer a variety of forklift courses that take different amounts of time according to the type of machines you have and the previous training your employees may have undertaken.

If your employees have limited or no prior experience driving forklifts they will require an initial basic course that will enable them to drive your forklifts. Depending on the amount of employees you have this course usually takes between 2 and 3 days. However if your operators are more skilled we can supply a half day theory training course, followed by an individual practical training course for each operator.

Conversion training can be invaluable to extend the capabilities of your forklift drivers and extend the range of vehicles they can legally and safely operate, such as reach trucks. We also offer refresher training to forklift drivers already in the industry. It is recommended that every forklift driver undertakes a refresher course every three years to ensure they are up to date with health and safety. We can test up to 3 operators per day.

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